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Our restaurant is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful Egyptian cuisine.

Our café features a collection of conscientious workers who all believe that healthy food can and /should/ be delicious. Pondok falafel is the first specialized falafel café in the southwest of England.

— How did we begin?

It was a “lightbulb moment” of inspiration that brought me to the making falafel. 
As a longterm bodybuilder, i had tried a selection of ordinary or unpleasant falafel from restaurants and supermarkets — always being disappointed with the taste and texture.  I had always dreamed of bringing an authentic Egyptian falafel to the United Kingdom.  I noticed that when people tried freshly prepared falafel for the first time, they really appreciated the difference in both flavour and quality.  The taste was far better and falafel was /green/ inside, which people had not experienced before.
I become preoccupied with replicating the falafel that I knew from home.  Following a lot of research, i realised that a high fresh herb to fava beans ratio produced an excellent blend of ingredients and flavour.  Following months of initial experimentation, I finally arrived at a recipe that both my colleagues and I loved!
At Pondok we like to give our falafel a twist, so have fun producing dishes that use a combination of different herbs and spices.
At Pondok we serve a falafel burger, alongside our vegetarian burger!
All of the food and drink items prepared at Pondok are vegetarian.  We also prepare items that are vegan and serve gluten-free variants.
Please talk to us about any dietary requirements that you have and we will prepare something that you will enjoy — and remember.
We look forward to seeing you!

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