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We’re proud to prepare amazing, healthy food every day. Bite into a crispy Egyptian falafel and discover its fluffy centre, bursting with flavour and goodness… Pondoks’ recipe never fails! Nearly every other falafel maker adds flour to their recipes, but not us. Every luscious mouthful is 100% fava beans, fresh vegetables and spices, cooked to perfection and served with the best salads and pitas you can buy.
Come and discover Pondok experience for yourself!

ORGANIC | Gluten Free | VEGAN

Pondok Falafel

Our Falafel is Special

Our falafel shop offers a vegetarian eatery fuses Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes, we prepared in house using fresh market produce.
The falafels are made to order with a combination of Egyptian herbs and spices.
All sandwiches come with our home made hummus, tahini and variety of salads which can be served with a hand made pitta bread.


Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have been saying about Pondok Falafel

“Best falafel in town”
“Always great vegan options”
“Completely addicted”

The food was delicious ,amazing looking . Also I loved they have some awesome trays with multiple compartments and a lid so that the food stays separated .... it has like 5 compartments. Also loved that you send 2 forks (wood) without the customer asking you to do so. Everything was fresh and the colours of my plate made WANTED to eat it with my eyes .. again the salad was amazing ... having rucola and a half of a lime next to it ... awesome job . I must stay I was very surprised when the food arrived. Thank you.
Sammy Sharp
5 out of 5
For us clean food is very important, i was looking for a restaurant like this to show me how it's made and what kind of products are used The prices are to low for the quality is served, it is a place with fresh food indeed! Thanks guys
Cristian Dulcean Croe
5 out of 5
amazing, amazing and amazing !! The best falafel I've ever had !!! so delicious, fresh and homemade.. highly recommended!!! ❤❤❤
Jitunka Peldová
5 out of 5
fresh with confidence and also very tasty food, lovely place and very friendly people. can't wait to go there again 😋👍
Riza Lucian
5 out of 5
Lovely place and amazing food. I love falafel and Hands down they make the best falafel wrap in bournemouth.Also the fresh juices are so refreshing and tasty. Well done 👏👏👏
Fjorela Shkembi
5 out of 5